Clare Wild Venison Loin and Sausage
salsify, confit potato, cocoa nibs vinaigrette, seared foie gras, orange jelly, cranberry gel
serves 8

700g venison loin cut to 80/90g per serving
1 foie gras, cleaned

100ml grapeseed oil
300ml rice vinegar
100g cocoa nibs
2 sprigs thyme
dash of mirin

400g minced venison
2 slices bread, crust removed, soaked in milk for 3 minutes
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1tsp mixed chopped fresh parsley, sage & thyme
zest of 1 orange
¼ teaspoon five spice

500g salsify
dash of lemon juice
25g butter
50g dried breadcrumbs
1tsp mixed dried parsley & thyme

confit potato
2 large rooster potatoes
1 litre duck fat
1 clove garlic, sliced
1 sprig thyme

orange jelly
500ml orange juice
1tsp crushed juniper berries
8g agar agar

cranberry gel
100g fresh cranberries
500ml mixed orange & cranberry juice
1tsp honey
1tsp sugar
1 bouquet garni
4g xanthan gum

Ashford Castle

County Mayo

head chef
Philippe Farineau

For the vinaigrette, infuse a quarter of the cocoa nibs and thyme in the oil at 65˚C degrees overnight. Do the same with the rice vinegar and the rest of the cocoa and thyme. Before serving combine and emulsify, adding the dash of mirin.

Mix the mince with the rest of the sausage ingredients. Divide into eight 50g portions then roll into small sausages

Blanch the salsify in boiling water with salt and the lemon juice for about 3 minutes, then drain and gently cook in the butter for 1 minute. Check the seasoning. Mix the breadcrumbs and dried herbs and roll the salsify in the green crumbs. Keep warm.

Cut the rooster potatoes into 4cm x 1cm rectangles. Confit in the duck fat with the garlic and thyme, then keep warm

For the orange jelly, make 500ml of fresh orange juice and add the crushed juniper berries and agar agar. Bring to the boil, then pass through a fine sieve onto a tray. When set, cut into cubes.

For the gel, bring the cranberries to the boil with the mixed juices, honey, sugar, and bouquet garni, then reduce. Blend, adding the xanthan to thicken the gel. Store in a squeezy bottle.

When ready, seal and cook the loin of venison at 170˚C to your liking: best is medium rare-medium, ie 8-10 minutes. Leave it to rest for 2/3 minutes. Meanwhile cook the sausages in a lightly oiled pan and sear the foie gras on a hot griddle. Cut the confit potato slices in half and set upright to give the plate some height. Arrange dots of cranberry gel and 3 orange jelly squares on each plate, and drizzle the meat with the cocoa nibs vinaigrette.